Art of Coaching Volleyball

ROLE: logo design

We like to flatter ourselves and think that we did a bit of rescuing with this project. When we talked with AOC they were frustrated due to a bunch of bad luck with other designers during the middle of a rebranding push. Lucky for us, they trusted their remaining eggs (aka patience, funds) with our basket (aka design acumen or something). Metaphorical breakfast for everyone! With apologies to all metaphorical vegans, we quickly laser-focused our efforts on capturing the essence of their brand on the verge of expansion with simplicity, adaptability, and attention to detail. We kept a constant communication loop and probably asked them more questions than they honestly wanted.

Goals: relevance beyond volleyball, allusion to their focus on coaching through video, contemporary, and clean. Easy to use in digital formats and web, printed on shirts, patterned on backgrounds, with the ability to stand out among other logos. We used their existing colors for continuity but made sure it could easily swap as they expand their business beyond coaching volleyball and into other sports: orange for basketball, green for soccer, or what-have-you.

Wonderful people with a solid product. Check them out for all your volleyball coaching needs! You have those, right?

Patrick Kohan, The Art Of Coaching

Design by goats is a great fit for any job. I've trusted them with small quick turn around projects and a large rebranding project. Both were done with impeccable professionalism and masterful creativity that I haven't seen anywhere else. I highly recommend DBG and I am sure anyone else who works with them would do the same. See AOC's rebranding ➤